Sandra Trujillo
These abstract figures are about humor.  Much of my work has an element of satire, irony or parody to it and I often will use surfaces and basic forms that oscillate around something familiar.  This body of work grew out of a series of drawings I made about cultural pride as seen through good hair and clothes.   I wanted the clothes to reference the fabulous mariachi tailored suits and craftwork and the hairdo to reference the ultimate form of self-pride and grooming.  The process and craft of slip-casting allows for multiples; and, multiples allow for transformation from the original idea into the unexpected.  With this form, a perfectly fine portrait of the pompadour style /vato cholo hair-cut transformed into the quintessential symbol of American pride: the all American hotdog with a squirt of ketchup.  The pairing of the crisp pants, the Pendelton shirt and the hot-dog head was unexpected, simple and funny.  Other examples like Holiday Ham, Double Bean Dog, Hello Nudie and Keep on Truckin’ all create a picture of our culture that can be appreciated with humor.   

Un vestido amarillo
The humor of it all
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